Cash Forecasting Tool

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Click here to download my favorite cash forecast tool (Excel-based)

Did you know that Bliss BIT provides financial analysis services for businesses of all sizes? Whether you’re a multi-million-dollar corporation or just a little guy who’s thinking about opening a bar, Bliss BIT can provide full financial planning, analysis, and forecasting services at any level of detail.

Attached is my homegrown cash forecasting tool, provided at no charge as a gift to you (and a sample of my work).  Use it to accurately determine your liquidity over the next year so you can know when you’re going to be cash-rich or cash-poor.

Simply enter each of your sources of income and how often they’re paid (salary paid on the first of every month, another salary paid every 14 days, or just a one-off payment, such as an expected tax refund), your expenses and how often they’re paid (e.g. a mortgage due on the 10th of each month, daycare due every Monday, and car insurance due every six months). Finally, enter your credit cards in the spaces provided with their current balances, the last statement balances, and how they’re paid each month (minimum only, full-balance, or minimum plus extra).

Detailed instructions are included on the spreadsheet.  Click here to download (from Dropbox).

I hope you find this tool as useful as I do! Email me any questions at