November 12, 2013

Dear Friend and Client,

I take your privacy very seriously.  The nature of my work requires that I take temporary possession of the electronic and paper documents that may include the sensitive health-related, competitive, and financial information of you, your family, and/or your business associates. And as a consultant, I may learn sensitive information about you and your organization.  I will never sell, share, reproduce, or otherwise exploit any of your information, documents, or secrets without your express written consent.

My business solutions depend greatly on third party software and service providers whose offerings range from web-based document management products to high-volume off-site scanning.  I will disclose to you, in writing, the names of these service providers before I engage their services on your behalf.  Each of these providers will have its own privacy policy and may collect varying information about you, depending on the nature of their services.  I will gladly provide a link to these privacy policies upon request.  Please understand that I strive to choose reputable service providers that meet the highest standards of quality, integrity, and privacy.

My large-scale document organization services are completed in the cloud. After scanning paper documents and importing electronic files, I will upload them to web-based document management software.  Again, I will disclose to you in writing the companies with which I’m engaging on your behalf.  For these projects, I will not retain local copies of your files.  I will return paper documents to you within seven days of the end of my reasonable business use for them.  When in my physical possession, your paper files will be kept behind lock and key and monitored with closed-circuit video surveillance.

For services other than large-scale document organization, such as technology consulting, process improvement, financial analysis, and design, I will retain my own work products and their related documents, if applicable.  Within seven days of your request, I will produce a list of all documents that I have on file related to you, your projects, and/or your organization free of charge.

I will never share your name or any identifiable information about you, your organization, or any of our projects with anyone without your express permission (I always love a testimonial!).  Though I may cite generic examples of my prior work when engaging future clients, I will neither name you or your organization nor will I provide details about my work that may identify you or uncover your private affairs.

Examples that I may share with a prospective client include:

  • “I recently helped a family scan and summarize over 5,000 documents of a deceased relative in less than two weeks.”
  • “I helped a youth sports organization implement strong financial control policies and new accounting software.”
  • “I helped a local dentist implement an appointment reminder robo-call solution, saving her administrative staff 3 hours a week.”

Examples that I would never share with a prospective client include:

  • “I helped the family of recently deceased Sally Sample to organize her documents.  It turns out we found hundreds of thousands of dollars in life insurance!”
  • “The Pleasantville pee-wee football league hired me to implement financial controls after they caught one of their board members embezzling!”
  • “It turns out that business was really slipping at the local dentist’s office, so they had me implement a robo-call system as a last-ditch effort to hold on!”

I make an effort to collect as little of your information as possible.  I will retain contact and billing information as well as any usernames and passwords for web-service accounts that I set up as your agent.  At the end of our engagement, you are encouraged to change your password for any accounts that I may have set up for you as your agent.  My preference is for my clients to set up their own accounts to reduce the amount of information that I collect.

Thank you for trusting me with your most sensitive information.  I promise to treat your privacy with the same care that I treat that of my own family.  Please email me at with any privacy concerns.  With that said, please understand that this policy is subject to improvements at any time.


Scott A. Bliss