Simple, no-nonsense rates

Standard hourly rate: $75

Project timeframes

My mission is to provide world-class consulting services to individuals, small businesses and non-profits.  And you’ll be surprised at how quickly I can work!

Here’s an example:

A standard Electronic Document Management (EDM) system can be implemented, tested, and documented in eight billable hours. EDM software costs, payable directly to the provider, start at about $45 per year.  It would be very reasonable to assume that my professional fees for a standard EDM system implementation to be around $600. Of course, I’m glad to take on projects of any scale, so prices will vary.

I like to be very up-front with my pricing.  Please ask for a no-risk consultation so we can determine what’s right for you, your organization, and your budget.

Monthly retainers

If you’d like the flexibility to contact me for regular consultations, minor system improvements, or troubleshooting, I offer discounted retainer rates.  The discount depends on the number of hours per month for which I’m retained and the number of months for which you prepay.

I offer an additional 25% discount off the already discounted retainer rate for six months of prepaid service.

Hours Per Month Discount (%) 1-Month Prepaid Rate 6-Month Prepaid Rate
1 10% $67.50 $50.63
2-3 15% $63.75 $47.81
3-5 20% $60.00 $45.00
6-8 25% $56.25 $42.19
9+ 30% $52.50 $39.38

Breakdown of a project

  1. If you’re even thinking about an engagement, please email me at and share your project ideas.  I’m happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you’d like.
  2. We’ll schedule an initial consultation call, which is always on me.  We’ll discuss the business and technology solutions that will make you more efficient and cut your expenses.
  3. I’ll draft up a simple project proposal at no charge that includes:
    – The objective of your project
    – A breakdown of my deliverables
    – My estimated billable hours
    – A list of what I’ll need from you
    – A list of all, if any, third-party service providers that may have a role in your project (e.g. scanning companies, software vendors)
    – Estimated software costs (which I don’t resell or mark-up)
    – The sticker price of the project
  4. We finalize and sign off on the project plan (electronically, of course).
  5. I get to work.
  6. I notify you ahead of time of any changes to the project scope that may affect pricing.
  7. I deliver my deliverables and earn your complete satisfaction.
  8. I bill you for my time and expenses with no surprises.

Exceptions to my hourly rate

I practice what I preach — I like to accomplish as much as possible as efficiently as possible.  This means that I sometimes outsource certain tasks — like bulk scanning — to well-reputed specialty service providers.  These guys have multi-million-dollar facilities that can transform a room full of paper into electronic records in a few hours.  Their fees are quite reasonable — often just pennies per document.

Therefore, rest assured that I don’t charge $75 per hour to sit and scan thousands of documents.  My office is equipped for technology consulting — not massive scanning.  A third-party specialty provider can scan your documents much less expensively than I can.  Of course, any outsourced services will be fully disclosed prior to project kickoff.