hiding dogThe situation: You own a successful kennel — so successful in fact, you decide to turn your old file room into a new cat suite to keep up with demand. The state kennel inspector shows up unannounced (as usual) to randomly audit vaccination records. She points to a shy beagle named Buster. “That one there! Show me his rabies records,” she demands. Your kennel application says that the dog’s shots are up to date, but you don’t know if the owner emailed, faxed, or brought in a paper copy of the vaccinations. Will the inspector accept your assurances that you checked the records? Or will she want proof?

Answer: Inspectors, auditors, and bureaucrats generally aren’t fans of assurances. They want evidence! Thankfully your record-keeping system designed by Bliss BIT has got you covered. A simple search from your smartphone, computer, or tablet will return Buster’s complete medical history, regardless of whether the documents were emailed, faxed, or scanned in. It turns out Buster’s family has been using your special “shots@mykennel.com” email address to automatically send vaccination records into your electronic filing system without any manual entry from you or your staff.