lawnmower_3455445_stdThe situation: You own a landscaping business with lots of gas-guzzling mowers.  Your accountant informs you that for every gallon of gas used in your equipment (and not a vehicle), you may file for a reimbursement of the highway use tax you paid at the pump.  But the reimbursement is based on the number of gallons purchased, not the amount spent on gas!  So your income statement won’t be much help.  How much can you claim?  Will the IRS accept your “guess-timate?”

Answer: Using your affordable system designed by Bliss BIT, you or your accountant can locate all of your gas receipts from the past year with a single search and see that you purchased 275.8 gallons.  Because gas receipts all use the word “Pump”, you can simply search for “Receipt Pump” to find the documents without any special procedures or setup for gas pump receipts.  Next year, you might consider tagging your mower-fuel receipts for even easier retrieval.