youth-sportsThe situation: You’re the newly-elected president of the local Little League, which has an annual budget of about $150,000. You want to establish a culture of transparency, especially since the local youth football league had a major embezzlement scandal last year. How do you effectively and efficiently establish controls to keep the club on the up-and-up? After all, this is a volunteer organization focused on sports. On one hand, you ask “who’s got time to organize and distribute stacks of paperwork to auditors?” On the other hand, you recall that at the local football league, poor checks and balances are what laid the groundwork for a years-long scandal.

Answer: A week after hiring Bliss BIT, your newly-electronic records are now integrated with your accounting system. Each month, when preparing reconciliations and financial reports, your treasurer spends a few minutes ensuring that each expense transaction has a matching electronic record to back it up — whether it’s a scanned invoice from your groundskeeper, meeting minutes authorizing a $500 donation to a local boys’ home, or a web snapshot of an online banking money transfer confirmation. All of your documents are stored in the cloud, so any board member who wishes to investigate a transaction can drill down with a single click — straight from your income statement or the treasurer’s report.

Bliss B.I.T. Non-Profit Financial Triple-Play:

Make the treasury function of any non-profit as simple and transparent as you can with the Bliss BIT

  1. Electronic document management software (no more lugging around bins of paper!)
  2. Cloud-based account software (integrated with your online banking AND electronic document management system!)
  3. Bulletproof documentation:
    – How-to guides (for you and future treasurers)
    – Financial policies and procedures (to ensure transparency and establish effective controls)