BlissBIT provides technology and accounting services to small businesses and non-profits. I guarantee to save you time, money and hassle. I also build, customize and license web tools to also save you time and money — the most popular of which is a text-message-based time clock tool (employees send a text to clock in and another to clock out).

With an MBA and a career in technology and accounting, I’m qualified to provide a variety of services for firms of all shapes and sizes, as well as individuals.  My specialties include:

  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
    Look at all of the paper in your filing cabinets.  Glance at that stack of faxes and even your computer files.  Now imagine all of those documents living together in a single, secure, searchable, electronic library.  My EDM systems are extremely user-friendly, inexpensive, and accessible from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Payment Systems: My hatred of paper includes paper checks. I can help your organization make writing, collecting, endorsing, depositing, and reconciling paper checks a thing of the past. Do you receive recurring payments from your customers? eChecks are easy to collect and can be paid automatically. Do you write paper paychecks to your employees? Let me help you pay them with direct deposit!
  • Accounting Systems
    My day job since 2006 has been to serve billion-dollar organizations as a financial systems analyst.  I have automated, improved, and built from the ground-up accounting functions for businesses and non-profits of all shapes and sizes.  Accounting is boring for many folks, but I love it because I feel that it’s the life blood of all businesses.  I can help upgrade, automate, or get you started from scratch with a variety of accounting systems — and even integrate them with your EDM system and other applications.
  • Business Process Automation
    Whether you need help developing online forms to collect information from your customers, using robo-calls to confirm client appointments, or paying your employees with direct deposit, I can help.  As a volunteer treasurer for multiple non-profits, I became very skilled at finding effective technology and processes to achieve a task at hand for the right price.  Keep in mind that I sell my time — not software.  Rest assured that I’ll never push you toward an expensive product that doesn’t fit your needs.
  • Financial Analysis
    Financial analysis is actually  a big part of my day job.  Have a great idea but need to “crunch the numbers?”  Leave the math to me!  Number crunching is important for all organizations.  Let me help you create a budget, make sales and cash projections, determine the best Kickstarter goal, or help you figure out if your great business plan is a real money-maker!  My analyses can be customized for the nerdiest data-geeks or the biggest-picture CEOs.
  • Policy and Procedure Development
    Many small businesses and non-profits are so busy doing what they do best, they’re not always on top of documentation.  Yet this is incredibly important!  It can really CYA when things go sour or assist a new leader assuming a new role.  I’ll help your small business or non-profit develop P&Ps related to expense management, accounts payable, cash management, and more to ensure that your employees or volunteers are protected, informed, and operating consistently.  My policies have helped catch wrongdoers in non-profit organizations and provided easy-to-use training materials for positions with high turnover.  Good policies and procedures are a must-have for any organization that is responsible for handling money or depends on volunteers or employees to perform business-related tasks.
  • Personal Document Organization
    For individuals, I’m able to take possession of all of your unorganized records, scan them, and turn them into a lean, mean electronic machine.  Though it may sound morbid, I actually specialize in organizing the personal files of the recently deceased (see Disorganized Deceased for more information) as a service to estate executors.  Let me help you turn your file room (or that of a recently passed loved one) into a data repository that you can actually use.