What is Text-In?

Text-In is a flexible, app‐free tool designed to collect and track text messages sent from anyone, anywhere. Custom and out‐of‐the‐box reports process the texts and present useful, easy‐to‐read information for your business in real‐time dashboards. The most popular applications: employee timekeeping and personal vehicle mileage logging.

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How can my organization use Text‐In?

Text‐In can log almost anything. And BlissBIT’s custom reports can process, analyze, and present the texts in almost any way, shape, or form. All you need is a phone that can text and a Google account to run and view reports. Simple computer‐based logging is also available upon request.

Common uses include:

Clocking time:

By sending a simple text message to your dedicated Text‐In number, employees can “clock‐in” and “clock‐out” of work from anywhere. And when they include a simple keyword, they can even identify the client, grant, or project that they’re working on and easily switch from one to another.

Easily track your hours by client or project

Easily track your hours by client or project


At the end of the week or month, easily print employee timecards or upload your data into Quickbooks, ADP, or any other payroll system.

Logging mileage:

Do your employees use their personal vehicles for business purposes? Just have them Text‐In their odometer readings at the beginning of their trips and again at the end. Text‐In’s custom reports can easily calculate miles driven and reimbursements owed to employees. Not to mention that the IRS will love the time‐stamped reports should they ever decide to audit your mileage claims.

Tracking Classroom Attendance:

BlissBIT loves teachers…Do you teach college courses or Continuing Professional Education (CPE)? Do you need to track students’ attendance and ensure that everyone stays until the very end of class? Text-In can help. Simply have your students text-in at the beginning of class and then again at the end. Catch cheaters by making them text-in a secret PIN or password, shared only after the class has concluded. As long as they text-in the correct PIN or password, their attendance is recorded and logged in an easy-to-read web-based report. And teachers can integrate this into their BlissBIT-designed grading sheet!

Logging any other number:

Logging data on paper can be a drag, especially with a team that’s all over the place. Whether tracking doses of medicine, classroom attendance, infant feedings, gas prices, calories, sports scores, or any other number that’s key to your organization, Text‐In can collect, process, calculate, and analyze any value texted in from any phone – no apps required. And with custom‐designed reports, you can view and analyze your data in real‐time.

How much does Text‐In cost?

BlissBIT offers two pricing options for its Text‐In suite of solutions:

  • The “Pay” option: For a nominal monthly fee, starting at $30/month for up to five users, BlissBIT will implement and administer the tool for your organization. Available services also include design of any custom reports that you may require as well as customization of the tool’s logic to meet your business requirements.
  • The “Free” option: BlissBIT is a technical and financial consulting firm. For its valued clients who retain consulting services on a monthly basis, starting at $95/month, the Text‐In suite of solutions (out of the box) will be provided free of charge, including monthly administration. Your retainer hours are counted as no‐nonsense credits applied to consulting, design, or technical services. Use your time for a large project or for one‐off questions or design requests. They’re your hours. And they don’t expire.
Sample weekly timecard

Sample weekly timecard