Why paperless?

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 in Uncategorized | One Comment

Does a small organization really need to be paperless?  After all, you’re already making money…

The truth is, paper works at first.  It’s easy to keep your bank statements, receipts, contracts, invoices and more in a filing cabinet.  Anyone with a few marbles upstairs and some time on their hands can organize their paper so that it can be retrieved later on.  But what happens when you start growing?  The manual task of organizing your paper doesn’t go away — it just grows proportionally with your business.  You start working harder.  I’m here to help you work smarter so you can spend less time on the boring stuff and more time on what actually makes a difference in your firm.  With the right planning and processes, electronic records can be more easily filed and retrieved.

Here’s an example:  Most local youth baseball organizations are required by their parent organizations (Babe Ruth, Little League, Cal Ripken, etc.) to collect and maintain copies of birth certificates for all of their players.  These are rarely referenced, but they’re important to keep just in case a dispute arises.  A parent is generally required to bring a copy of her child’s birth certificate during player registration, or she may email a copy of the certificate to the club if registering her child online.

Some questions arise: How long does it take to file birth certificates for a league with 700+ kids?  How does the club make sure that a certificate exists for every child?  Many children play for several years and only need to provide a birth certificate when they enter the league.  How does the organization know from whom they need a copy of a certificate?

With a low-tech metal cabinet system, this process of filing and checking is manual  and unnecessarily time-consuming.  For the most part, parent volunteers get involved because they’re interested in baseball and their kids — not alphanumeric filing!  Why not put your volunteers back in the coaches’ box (where they make a real difference) by making your administrative processes as simple as possible?  It’s not as expensive as you may think…

For a software cost of less than $50 per year, youth sports organizations can invest in a simple, yet powerful electronic documentation system that will be home to all scanned paper copies as well as emailed certificates.  Coaches and organization leaders can easily search a secure website for documents by player name or even run deficiency reports to find players without a birth certificate on file.  Don’t forget that this system can also be a home for all of the organization’s records — coaching agreements, background checks, landscaping bills, canceled checks, and more.

I specialize in helping my clients work smarter on the tedious–yet necessary–back-office stuff so that they can focus on their passions and ultimately, play harder.  Email me at scott@blissbit.com today to see how I can help your small business or non-profit go paperless.